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The Veqtor XBlaster is the only lasergaming system on the market suitable for families, age 8 - 88 years:

  • Lightweight: the XBlaster is only 0,6kg. An additional vest is not needed, because all functionality is included in the XBlaster itself.
  • Many attractive colours, the XBlaster really looks fun, and is therefore suitable for e.g. children birthday parties, familiy events and team building sessions.
  • Play wherever you want. The XBlaster is available in an indoor and an outdoor version, and can - including charger and starter - be stored into a special flight case: A complete mobile solution!

  • Pack-and-Go: Flight case with 6 XBlasters, charger and starter.58x58x44cm, total weight 22 kg

  • Safe and durable. The XBlaster is around for over 20 years, and has an impressive availability track record. Of course Veqtor continues to develop the XBlaster, to remain market leader in the future as well.
  • Plug-and-Play: an XBlaster lasergame is explained and started within 30 seconds. This is great for players, but is an even bigger benefit for the lasergaming operator!
  • Value for money. The XBLaster has an excellent quality/price ratio. The initial investment is low, lasergame pricing is attractive, and earnings are great
  • Full service, no headache. Contact us for our revenue-share deal, with this being a lasergame operator becomes easier and more interesting!
  • Lasergame arena. A lasergame arena does not have to take a lot of space an/or investment. Veqtor can assist in design and build, and can supply up to turn-key solutions including targets, objects, light and soud effects, etc.

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